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Bamboo Dental is just 2 Kilometers east of King City. Because of this close proximity, we do have many patients from King City visiting us.

Here our Dentist in King City community perform any type of Dental Treatment. From a single dental cleaning procedure to a full smile makeover including dental implants.

We would love to see you passing by and try our services. Our commitment is to provide the best dental treatment and become one of the best dentists in King City.

Some of the services we provide among others are:

  • Dental Emergency in King City
  • Invisalign in King City
  • Orthodontist in King City
  • Orthodontics Treatment in King City
  • Cosmetic Dentist in King City
  • Root Canal in King City
  • Dental Hygiene in King City
  • Dental Implant in King City
  • Teeth Whitening in King City
If you are looking for a dentist in King City , please call us at (905) 505-2061 or book an appointment online.

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