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10 Tips for More Tooth Friendly Easter

10 Tips for More Tooth Friendly Easter

It’s the season of celebration, and Easter is next, which means more sweets than you can imagine, but not to worry, there are 10 tips for a more tooth-friendly easter.

Going for a healthier option doesn’t mean your Easter celebration wouldn’t go as smoothly as you want or that your meals would not be as delicious, but these are ways to prevent cavities, swollen gum, and other teeth problems.

Why Choose a More Tooth Friendly Easter?

Tooth decay, toothache, teeth misalignment, and cavities are enough reasons to choose a healthier lifestyle for your tooth during this period unless you wouldn’t mind visiting a dental clinic in Oakridge or a trusted dentist near you.

10 Tips for More Tooth Friendly Easter

Keeping good oral hygiene doesn’t end during celebrations, only for you to carry on after the celebration is over.

With Easter drawing near, you need not just a reminder, but very important advice on how to enjoy all the sweetness easter brings without getting cavities or tooth decay, and here are 10 tips for a more tooth-friendly Easter.

1. A Good Rinse is Important After Eating

Rinse your mouth with ordinary water after eating to wash away any excess food material left in the mouth. This helps regulate the mouth’s pH level, and it keeps you hydrated, too, so you can produce enough saliva to protect the teeth.

2. Your Food Arrangement Matters

Bacteria in the mouth thrive on sweet and sugary foods and release acid. This acid weakens and erodes the teeth causing a chip, crack, toothache, or tooth decay.

Eating sweet or anything sticky throughout the day is a huge NO as the acidity would build until it becomes a problem. Instead, you could enjoy your sweets as a part of the main meal since the acidity will already be high at that time, reducing the effect of the acid.

3. Just Finished Eating? Don’t Brush Just Yet

The acidity in your mouth is quite high after a meal and brushing right after might cause more damage than good. The acid deteriorates the tooth enamel making it softer and easy to damage and could cause toothache if not treated with care. So, brushing after 30 minutes or an hour after eating is a safer option.

4. Eat Healthier Foods this Easter

A new recipe is not a bad idea, so is eating healthy, and I don’t mean the “only vegetable” kind of healthy eating. You could replace the harmful ingredient with healthier alternatives example is, replacing honey in place of sugar.

10 Tips for More Tooth Friendly Easter - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental

5. Use Real Eggs for Decoration

painting hard-boiled eggs with food coloring, glitters, or paint is better than using sugar-full ingredients for easter eggs decoration. This fresh idea will catch your children’s attention, and they’ll also get extra Vitamin D from the eggs.

6. Carefully select Easter Treats

Choose easter treats that wouldn’t affect the functioning of the teeth; an example is dark chocolate.

10 Tips for More Tooth Friendly Easter - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental

It has less sugar, melts easily, and does not stay in the teeth like other sticky and chewy treats.

7. Go Out Instead of Eat Sugar

Enjoy physical activities like visiting an amusement park, an Easter-themed arts and crafts center, etc., instead of feeding off excessive sugar that is bad for your teeth.

8. Be Consistent with Your Oral Hygiene

It is important to keep up with your regular oral hygiene like brushing twice daily, flossing, and packing your dental floss, toothpaste, and toothbrush when going away for a while; they are all very important in removing leftover food.

10 Tips for More Tooth Friendly Easter - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental

9. Family Outings Are Way Better than Planning For a Doctor’s Visit

It’s Spring! More outdoor experiences and a family outing on Easter are preferable to visiting the doctor after an indoor Easter with too many sugary treats.

10. Visit Your Dentist as Scheduled

Whether it’s visiting a dental clinic at Oakridge or one close to you, be consistent with the visits to the dentist, it would save you money and help you protect your smile.

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