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Children's Dental Health Month - Oral care Tips for your little one

Children's Dental Health Month - Oral care Tips for your little one

As we celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month, it’s important to help your children build healthy dental habits. The Children’s Dental Health Month is celebrated annually to build parental awareness of the dental challenges young kids face and how best to tackle them.

Children's Dental Health Month - Oral care Tips for your little one - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental


Seeing a dentist in Oakridge’s clinics is an activity most parents put off until their kids report some dental discomfort. However, parents should seek dental advice as soon as those pearly whites erupt in their child’s mouth. This helps to ensure good dental health and address any potential dental issues your child may face.

When Should You Make Your First Dental Visit?

Your child’s first dental visit is special as it marks one of the most evident signs of growth in the little one. You may do this as soon as teeth begin sprouting or around your child’s first birthday. Contrary to what you may think, this isn’t too early for your child to see a dentist.

Your child’s first dental visit is precautionary and helps to ensure the pearly whites are in order. This visit may involve gum health, teeth spacing, and dentition. The dentist inspects your child’s dental to identify any potential issues and recommend corrective procedures where necessary.

Children have a sweet tooth and are consequently susceptible to cavities and tooth decay from unchecked consumption of sweets and candy. Additionally, regular dental checks allow you to track your child’s oral health.

Building Good Oral Hygiene

The sensitization and awareness of the children’s dental health month is centered around helping parents teach their kids to practice proper oral hygiene. Our dental care habits form the foundation for good oral health.

The following are some oral hygiene habits that parents should teach their kids at an early age:

Children's Dental Health Month - Oral care Tips for your little one - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental
  • Brushing twice daily: You should teach your kids to brush twice daily when they are old enough to do so themselves. However, they should do this under supervision to ensure they use proper brushing skills. If your child is yet to grow teeth, wipe the gums with a soft tissue after each meal.
  • Ensure your kids use fluoride toothpaste while brushing. Fluoride toothpaste is an essential tool in fighting bacteria and demineralization from consuming sugary foods.
  • Use soft-bristled brushes to prevent gum irritation and bleeding. Soft-bristled brushes are flexible, enabling you to reach the hidden parts of the teeth. Brushes with tough bristles can cause gum injuries and put your child at risk of infections.
  • Discourage your kids from eating after brushing at night. Food residues left in the mouth breed bacteria, which may increase the chances of tooth decay. Sugary foods make children prone to cavities (which is the most common dental problem in America), so you may want to watch your child’s diet and get them to brush after eating sweet foods.
  • Change your child’s brushes every few months: This is necessary as the bristles weaken over time. Flossing after each brushing session is advisable, as it helps to remove food residues stuck in the teeth.
  • Regular dental checkups: You should schedule regular dental appointments at least twice a year to keep track of your child’s dental progress. This helps to detect the accumulation of plaque, tartar, and other factors that may necessitate teeth whitening in the future.

These practices help build a strong foundation for good oral health in adulthood. They also serve preventive purposes against decays and cavities - which are some of the most common dental problems children face.

Making Oral Hygiene Fun

Children love exciting things and activities, and parents should seek to make oral hygiene fun. Kids know very little about oral hygiene at a young age, and parents can correct this in several ways.

One of such ways is involving them in the oral hygiene process. This may include the freedom to choose the color and character of their toothbrushes, reading books to them, and making brushing a family activity.

Another method is giving your child a brush and letting them mimic you while brushing to teach them proper brushing techniques. You can also introduce visual guides and reward them with toys as their learning progresses.

Children's Dental Health Month - Oral care Tips for your little one - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental

Lastly, there’s the question and answer system. This works by asking your kids questions about oral health and hygiene to help them learn subconsciously. By making oral care relatable and fun, children easily pick up the little details, boosting their oral health.


Luckily, it’s never too late to work towards healthy teeth whether as a kid or an adult. Your oral health is just as essential as the physical, and clinics like Bamboo Dental help you achieve this through brace installations, teeth whitening, as well as other cosmetic and corrective procedures.

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