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Why Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Recommended ?

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Recommended ?

Wisdom teeth are the third and last set of molars. They grow at the very back of the mouth between the ages of 17 to 21. They are called wisdom teeth because they usually come out when one is older, unlike other teeth. When they grow correctly and are aligned, healthy wisdom teeth help with the chewing process. However, you are more likely to have problems with your wisdom teeth than with any other tooth.

Wisdom teeth that do not have enough space to grow appropriately are called impacted wisdom teeth. They do not fully develop in the mouth. Consequently, these teeth can grow in the wrong direction, coming out sideways, at a bad angle, or only partly breaking out of the gum. Thus, affecting nearby teeth, the jawbone, or even the nerves. There may be a lot of pain, and the other teeth may become permanently damaged.

According to the American Dental Association, people should have their wisdom teeth checked before they are 20 to check for wisdom teeth impaction. Even though no damage appears, the teeth can become more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. If a tooth remains just under the gum, known as tissue impacted, bacteria can accumulate and lead to infection.

Dentists usually recommend the extraction of your wisdom teeth even before complications develop. Before your wisdom teeth undergo extraction, the teeth and the surrounding tissue are made numb with an anesthetic. After having the teeth removed, there may be pain and swelling for a few days. You may have painkillers and antibiotics prescribed. Staying hydrated and eating healthy after your wisdom teeth removal is also an essential factor for a healthy recovery.

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Recommended ? - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental

Wisdom teeth removal is easy in young people when the wisdom teeth roots are still developing. At this time, the bone also is less dense. In older people, the healing time tends to be longer.

There are several benefits to having your wisdom teeth removed. Some of these benefits include:

1. Fewer Orthodontic Problems

When wisdom teeth erupt, they can overcrowd your dentition, resulting in damage to neighboring molars. When there is no room for them, wisdom teeth can cause alignment issues over time, as other teeth are slowly being dislodged. Thus, removing your wisdom teeth reduces the probability that you will need braces or other expensive forms of corrective surgery to treat teeth misalignment. If you’ve already had braces or corrective oral surgery to straighten your teeth, emerging wisdom teeth can alter their alignment.

2. Prevents Damage to Nearby Teeth

The pressure caused by wisdom teeth can weaken and even loosen the roots of nearby teeth or grind away tooth enamel, leaving neighboring teeth susceptible to cavities and bone loss. Also, wisdom teeth are difficult to reach and thus to keep clean.
Why Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Recommended ? - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental Erupted wisdom teeth that have incompletely developed are considered impacted wisdom teeth. These can be nearly impossible to keep clean. Wisdom teeth removal can save you the need for expensive and painful root canals and fillings.

3. Reduces the risk of oral inflammation

Dental cavities and other forms of gum disease are more likely to occur because of wisdom teeth, especially impacted ones. A common effect of impacted wisdom teeth is inflammation of the gums, which can be chronic and very hard to treat. Infections that get under your gums can affect nerves or enter the bloodstream.

4. Reduction in orofacial pain

Another problem people face when retaining their wisdom teeth is orofacial pain. This discomfort in your mouth and face come from difficulties related to your wisdom teeth, such as tooth crowding, gum disease, and tooth decay. You experience a reduced quality of life when keeping your wisdom teeth because of the pain one suffers constantly.

In addition, relieving pressure, reduced gum sensitivity, and lessened tooth sensitivity are additional benefits of wisdom teeth removal. Consequently, there is a better quality of life and fewer restrictions on which foods and beverages you can enjoy.

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