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5 Benefits Of Having Invisible Braces For Crowded Teeth

5 Benefits Of Having Invisible Braces For Crowded Teeth

Popularly known as invisible braces due to their see-through nature, Invisible braces are a modern dental procedure that combines cosmetic appeal and effectiveness for aligning crowded teeth. Invisible braces offer a viable and aesthetic alternative to traditional braces in dental treatment.

5 Benefits Of Having Invisible Braces For Crowded Teeth - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental

The clear align plastic trays enable you to smile confidently and go about your day without worrying about your looks. They are also more comfortable and easier to maintain. But just how much do you know about this dental treatment?

What Are Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces are a form of dental treatment that relies on computer images to generate peculiar treatment patterns and needs for your crowded teeth. These thermoplastic trays work similarly to braces, as they help move your teeth into the desired position.

Invisible braces consist of several molds fashioned after your teeth’ current and desired look and shape of your teeth to ensure effective movement of crowded teeth into their rightful places.

The computer images generated during the dental visit allow your orthodontist to create models of each tooth and how they will look at bi-weekly intervals during the treatment. The aligners are then changed at intervals until your teeth move into the desired position, giving you a perfect smile.

How Do Invisible Braces Work?

Invisible braces work by exerting pressure on affected teeth to move them into position during the course of your treatment. Each invisible tray is built to gradually pressure a specific tooth to get it into its proper location. The applied pressure is subtle and comfortable, and the Invisible brace is removable should you need to take them out.

Benefits Of Invisible Braces For Crowded Teeth

Traditional braces are quite noticeable and can make you feel uncomfortable or less confident in public spaces. For this reason, many adults and teens now opt for invisible braces as they draw less attention to your crowded teeth. However, the benefits of using invisible braces are much more than stealth or aesthetic appeal and include the following.

  1. They are removable: Unlike traditional braces, invisible braces are removable, meaning you can take them out when you’re in discomfort or want to clean your teeth. Being removable also means that there are no dietary restrictions during tooth realignment. All you have to do is take out the invisible braces before cleaning, eating, or drinking and put them back in once you’re done.
  2. They emphasize comfort: Thanks to their plastic material, invisible braces are much more comfortable than traditional braces, which are made of metal and can be hard on your gums. They also save you from other dental problems associated with traditional braces, such as demineralization, gum inflammation, and plaque buildup.
  3. 5 Benefits Of Having Invisible Braces For Crowded Teeth - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental
  4. Invisible braces are designed to your current and desired dental needs, reducing the need for several visits to the dentists for bracket or wire adjustments. The thermoplastic material is also easy to clean and maintain, unlike traditional braces that require you to visit the dentist for tightening and other adjustments.
  5. They are discrete: As the name suggests, invisible braces do a good job of staying out of the public’s eye. The aligners are clear and much less noticeable than having metal brackets and wires around your teeth. Invisible brace trays are also slim fit around your teeth seamlessly, providing the much-needed alignment discreetly. The reduced visibility of brace trays leaves your smile natural and unaltered when compared to the metal wires associated with metal braces.
  6. Dental Hygiene is Easier: The removable nature of invisible braces makes it easier for you to practice proper dental hygiene and not worry about tooth decay or gum infections that often arise with regular braces. Patients with regular braces may encounter difficulties cleaning their teeth as the metal brackets are non-removable. This may lead to food getting stuck between the wires or behind the brackets, leading to decay or infection.
5 Benefits Of Having Invisible Braces For Crowded Teeth - Dentist Richmond Hill - Bamboo Dental

It is essential to note that invisible braces are only effective when worn as recommended by your dentist or orthodontist. Research has shown that many patients don’t comply with the wearing guidelines because the trays are removable. Proper oral hygiene is also necessary to ensure your teeth stay clean and free from any setbacks that could affect your realignment process.

You should also ensure that your braces are properly kept whenever you take them out during feeding or cleaning to prevent infections. Lastly, invisible braces don’t work for all dental problems, so it’s advisable to visit a dentist or orthodontist for a checkup to determine your qualification for this treatment.

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