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Dental Hygiene & Cleanings Richmond Hill

Dental Hygiene & Cleanings

Dental Hygiene & Cleanings Richmond Hill

At Bamboo Dental, we prioritize preventive dentistry to ensure the long-lasting oral health of children and families. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the information and care necessary to minimize the need for extensive dental treatments over time.

Comprehensive Dental Hygiene Assessments for Children and Families

Assessing Oral Health and Gum Disease

During your dental hygiene appointment, our hygienists conduct a comprehensive assessment of your oral health, with a special focus on the soft tissues for signs of health and/or disease. They also measure gum attachment levels to determine the presence and severity of gum disease in your mouth.

Personalized Recommendations for Long-Term Oral Health

In addition to removing soft and hard deposits from your teeth, our hygienists provide personalized recommendations based on your individual needs. They work closely with you and our dentists to develop the most effective treatment plan for your long-term oral health, especially for children and families.

Understanding Plaque and Calculus - Importance of Regular Cleanings

The Impact of Plaque on Children's Teeth

Plaque, the sticky and colorless film that constantly forms on teeth, contains bacteria that secrete acids causing tooth decay and gum irritation. This can lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease, which can be especially harmful to children's developing teeth.

Tartar - Consequences and Prevention

If plaque is not regularly removed through proper oral hygiene practices, it hardens into calculus (tartar), which can only be removed by a dental professional during an oral cleaning. Regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings are essential to effectively control plaque and calculus, especially for children and families.

Tooth Extractions - Comfortable and Stress-Free for Children and Families

Compassionate Care for Children and Families

At Bamboo Dental, we understand that tooth extractions may be necessary for children and families. Our experienced team strives to make the procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible, ensuring the well-being of our young patients.

If you need dental hygiene & cleaning services, please call us at (905) 505-2061 to schedule an appointment with our compassionate team at Bamboo Dental.

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