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Dental Terms

Laser Cavity Detection Richmond Hill

Laser cavity detection relies on the ability to distinguish between healthy tooth structure and decayed tooth structure based on their differing responses to light. Essentially, healthy teeth allow light to pass through easily, while dental cavities impede its passage.

Dentists utilize laser cavity detection by directing laser light onto the chewing surfaces of your teeth. The device used for this procedure resembles a pen-like instrument, akin to a light wand. As Dr. Flor Malave examines your teeth's chewing surfaces using this light wand, the connected component of the laser cavity detection apparatus assesses the density of your tooth structure and calculates the likelihood of tooth decay. When it registers heightened light wavelengths, the machine alerts your dentist to a potentially compromised area through its readout display and auditory signaling system.

Early detection of dental cavities can empower dentists to take proactive measures in preventing their progression. In instances of weakened areas, dentists may recommend the application of fluoride to combat potential dental cavities, thus thwarting their development. If a dental cavity is identified before it reaches the dentin layer (the softer tissue beneath the enamel surface), your dentist may suggest a dental sealant or, if necessary, a dental filling as the most suitable course of action for dental treatment.

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