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If you're in need of a gingivectomy procedure in Richmond Hill, you've come to the right place. While Dr. Flor Malave may perform your gingivectomy, it is usually done by a periodontist or oral surgeon to ensure the highest quality of care. Gingivectomy is a dental procedure that involves the removal of gum tissue, often for therapeutic or cosmetic reasons. Our experienced team at Bamboo Dental is here to provide you with the necessary information and exceptional care throughout the process.

Understanding Gingivectomy

Gingivectomy is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess gum tissue, reshape the gums, or eliminate periodontal pockets. It is commonly performed to address various dental concerns, such as:

  • Excess gum tissue that makes teeth appear shorter
  • Gum tissue overgrowth due to certain medications or medical conditions
  • Gum tissue that has pulled away from the teeth, creating deep pockets
  • Enhancing the appearance of the smile by creating a more balanced gumline

The Gingivectomy Procedure

Before a gingivectomy procedure, it is common to undergo scaling and root planing to remove bacteria and tartar from below the gumline. The gingivectomy itself is typically performed with the use of local anesthesia to numb the gums, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure. There are two primary methods for performing gingivectomy:

  1. Traditional Scalpel Gingivectomy: This method involves using a scalpel to remove excess gum tissue. While effective, it may result in more bleeding and a longer healing period.
  2. Laser Gingivectomy: Many dentists now use lasers for gingivectomy procedures, which offer several advantages. Laser treatment is less invasive, minimizes bleeding, and promotes faster healing. Patients often experience less discomfort during and after the procedure.

The duration of the gingivectomy procedure can vary depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed, ranging from a few minutes to an hour.

Post-Gingivectomy Care

After your gingivectomy, a periodontal dressing will be placed over your gums to protect them during the initial healing phase, typically remaining in place for seven to 10 days. During this time, it's important to follow Dr. Flor Malave's post-surgery guidelines to avoid inadvertently removing the dressing or causing damage to your gums.

You will likely need to adhere to a soft-food diet and avoid brushing near the surgical area until Dr. Flor Malave confirms it is safe to do so. It may take several weeks for your gums to appear normal again, and complete healing may take up to three months.

Contact Bamboo Dental Today!

If you're considering a gingivectomy procedure or have been advised to undergo one, reach out to Bamboo Dental at (905) 505-2061 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Flor Malave. Our skilled dental team is conveniently located at 6-141 King Rd in Richmond Hill, ON, and we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care throughout your gingivectomy journey. Let us help you achieve a healthier and more beautiful smile!

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