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Dental Terms

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Discover the Advantages of Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves applying a tooth-colored resin material to your teeth using adhesives and a high-intensity curing light. The term "bonding" comes from the way these materials are securely attached to the tooth's surface. Typically, bonding is used to enhance the aesthetics of teeth, addressing issues like discoloration or chips. It's also an effective solution for closing gaps between teeth, lengthening teeth, or altering their shape and color. Often, dental bonding serves as a cosmetic alternative to traditional amalgam fillings and can safeguard exposed tooth roots caused by receding gums.

Pros - Dental bonding is a cost-effective cosmetic dentistry procedure and one of the most common. It can often be completed in a single short office visit, especially when dealing with a limited number of teeth. Another significant advantage is that bonding usually requires minimal to no enamel removal, unlike procedures involving veneers or crowns. Most dental bonding procedures can be performed without the need for anesthesia.

Cons - The bonding material is not as resilient as natural teeth, so activities like biting on fingernails or chewing on pens can lead to chipping. Bonding typically lasts a few years before requiring repairs and is not as durable as alternative restorative procedures such as crowns, veneers, or fillings. It's also less stain-resistant compared to crowns.

While dental bonding has limitations regarding its restorative capabilities, some dentists recommend it for minor cosmetic changes, temporary corrections of cosmetic defects, and for teeth in low-pressure bite areas, like front teeth. For personalized recommendations based on your unique circumstances, consult with Dr. Dr. Flor Malave.

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