Root Canal Therapy in Richmond Hill Ontario

If you have ever experienced tooth pain you know how uncomfortable it can be. Everything from speaking, chewing and sleeping is difficult because of the sharp pain that can be felt in your mouth. 

One common reason for tooth pain is because the dental pulp within the tooth is possibly infected. Dental pulp is the soft tissue that is found in the centre of your tooth. It extends all the way from the top of the crown to the root and supplies the tooth with nerves and blood vessels. However, if the tooth is injured due to severe decay or trauma, it's possible for the dental pulp to become exposed and become infected. This is because food debris and bacteria can enter the exposed opening in tooth and infect the dental pulp, leading it to possibly die. As a result, to save your tooth from also dying, we may have to perform a root canal treatment to remove the diseased dental pulp.

During a root canal therapy, the dentist will make a small opening in your tooth and carefully remove the diseased dental pulp. The inner pulp chamber is thoroughly cleaned and is refilled with a special dental material. The tooth is resealed and a dental crown is adhered to the top of the tooth to protect it from further infection. 

To ensure that you remain completely comfortable during your procedure, the dentist will give you an anesthetic so that you won't feel a thing. Many of our patients that have received root canal treatments are pleasantly surprised that the procedure goes so smoothly. For patients that are highly anxious and sensitive to pain, we can also give you dental sedation to further alleviate your discomfort and worries.

If you are suffering from severe tooth pain or believe you may have an infected tooth, contact Dr. Flor Malave, Dentist in Richmond Hill and Oak Ridges, to set up an appointment. The best way to save a tooth is with early detection and this is only made possible with regular dental checkups. Besides root canal therapy, our modern practice offers intra-oral cameras, digital X-rays, and oral cancer screenings.

Root Canal Therapy in Richmond Hill OntarioRoot Canal Therapy in Richmond Hill ON

Root Canal Therapy in Richmond HillRoot Canal Therapy in Ontario

Root Canal Therapy in ON