Non-Surgical Gum Therapy in Richmond Hill Ontario

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

  • Bad mouth odor 
  • Inflamed gum tissues
  • bleeding gums when flossing
  • Gum erosion

If yes, there's a decent chance that you may some form of gum disease. Gum disease comes in two main stages which are gingivitis and periodontal disease. 

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease which symptoms include bad mouth odor breath and bleeding gums. The good thing about gingivitis is that it can be stopped and even reversed with proper oral hygiene. This means that you have to properly clean your teeth and gums by brushing and flossing every day. However, if the infection is allowed to accumulate, it can start to impact the underlying tissues that support your teeth. 

If this occurs, your gingivitis develops into periodontal disease which is the much more serious form of gum disease. During this stage, your gums issues will continue to recede which causes deep pockets to form. Food debris and bacteria can become trapped in the pockets leading to further deterioration of your teeth and gums. Eventually, your tissues will become so broken down that your teeth will fall out.

Depending on the severity of your gum disease, we may recommend non-surgical come therapy for you. Non-surgical gum therapy uses a variety of procedures to eradicate the harmful plaque and bacteria that has accumulated below your gum line. These procedures include local medication, curettage, and root-planing. 

As a first step, we may inject local medication into the infected gum sites to slow down the progression of the infection.

Curettage removes the soft tissue surrounding the tooth to eradicate the infected tissues that are causing the chronic source of inflammation. By removing these infected tissues, we're allowing new healthy tissues to grow in their place.

Root-planing is another more aggressive technique which removes tiny amounts of root surface area. This intricate cleaning process eliminates the infected root surfaces so that healthy tissues can grow in their place. 

Since gum disease takes time to fully eradicate, we will likely have to perform multiple sessions on your teeth and gums. This allows us to continue monitor your progress and ensure that treatment is going according to as planned. We will also make any necessary adjustments and continue to check the state of your gums and teeth to give you the best chance of a successful recovery. Should our non-surgical gum therapy not be enough to eradicate your gum infection, we can refer you to a periodontist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease.

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