Laser Gum Contouring in Richmond Hill Ontario

A symmetrical attractive smile not only helps to improve your self-confidence, it also raises your self-esteem. However, things such as uneven gums can detract from your smile's overall appearance. Fortunately, if you if you have uneven or overly long gums we can help you to correct these issues and give you the smile that you deserve.

Bamboo Dental offers laser gum removal to correct uneven or overly long gums and dramatically boost the health and appearance of your smile. A gummy smile occurs when the gum tissues extend past the teeth to make them look shorter than they actually are. Laser gum contouring allows us to quickly and effectively remove excess gum tissue and create a more symmetrical attractive smile.

During your procedure, the dentist will first numb your gum tissues with an anesthetic to minimize any pain and discomfort. Laser gum removal technic is used to eradicate the extra gum tissue and seal it to stop any possible bleeding. In just one session, you will be able to achieve a symmetrical smile. 

If you are suffering from a gummy smile or have uneven guns, contact Bamboo Dental in Richmond Hill to set up a complimentary consultation. We proudly serve the areas of Richmond Hill, King City, Bolton, Aurora, New Market, and Markham.