Dental Implant Restoration in Richmond Hill Ontario

A missing tooth can make it difficult to do certain things, such as speaking or chewing properly. However, probably the biggest drawback of missing teeth is that it compromises the aesthetics of your smile. One common way to replace missing teeth is with dentures which are comprised of one or more missing teeth and rests on top of your gum tissues. Even though dentures do a suitable job of replacing teeth, they can become loose or fall out while speaking or laughing. This can be extremely embarrassing especially when you are out in public or with your friends. 

If you are looking for a more permanent and stable way to replace missing teeth, dental implant restoration may be a viable tooth replacement option for you. Implant restoration is the process of embedding a titanium implant into your jaw bone tissue. The implant replaces your missing tooth root and helps to prevent bone demineralization and preserve the structure of your jaw bone. As your tissues slowly heal around the implant over the coming months, they keep the implant in place and provide a stable base for your artificial tooth.

Dental implants have numerous advantages over other tooth replacement options, such as offering better stability and durability. A dental artificial teeth implant effectively supports neighboring teeth and improves your bite which allows you to eat a wider variety of foods. Implants also help to prevent shifting and stop further deterioration of your teeth. And unlike a real natural tooth, and implant won't wear down since it made of titanium steel. 

Even though implants make a great tooth replacement option, not everyone is a suitable candidate. You should have a sufficient amount of bone and gum tissue so that you can properly support the implant. Also, you should be able to commit at least several months for the implant process since it takes several procedures to have it properly placed. However, once the implant is fused, you can feel confident that it will improve the health and appearance of your smile for a lifetime.

Dental Implant Restoration in Richmond Hill OntarioDental Implant Restoration in Richmond Hill ON

Dental Implant Restoration in Richmond Hill ONImplant Restoration in Richmond Hill Ontario

Dental Implants in Richmond Hill Ontario