Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Richmond Hill Ontario

When a tooth is suffering from deep decay, our first goal is to always save it. This can involve using a number of restorative procedures, such as dental crowns or root canal therapy, to save the tooth. If these tooth-saving treatments aren't enough to save the tooth, it may have to be removed to keep the rest of your smile healthy. Common reasons for tooth extraction is if it's severely decayed, to prepare your mouth for the placement of dentures, or if it's a wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth are located at the back of your upper and lower jaws. Depending on your case, you may have anywhere from 1 to 4 wisdom teeth. However, in some rare instances, it's possible to have more than 4 wisdom teeth or even none. Wisdom teeth can create problems when there is insufficient room in the mouth which forces them to grow at an angle into other teeth. This places excessive pressure on neighboring teeth which can cause pain, swelling, inflammation, infection, and even cysts to develop. Sometimes a wisdom tooth can remain underneath the gumline (known as an impacted wisdom tooth) which can lead to further oral health complications.

To maintain the health and harmony of your smile, a wisdom tooth may have to be extracted. At Bamboo Dental we will only remove a tooth when we have exhausted all other options. We will perform an in-depth examination of the tooth - using cutting-edge technology like digital X-rays and an intra-oral camera - to get a complete overview of your oral tissues. If it is determined that a tooth should be removed, you will be given an anesthetic and even mild to moderate sedation option to ensure that you're completely comfortable during your procedure.

To learn all about dental extractions, contact Dr. Flor Malave in Richmond Hill to speak with us today. Our dentist speaks fluent Spanish so we can accommodate our Spanish-speaking patients.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Richmond HillTooth Extraction in Richmond Hill ON