Children's Dentistry in Richmond Hill Ontario

Looking for a great experience for your children‘s dental first visit or even subsequent one? Dr. Flor Malave will certainly make this happens. She enjoys all part of Dentistry but definitely has a special connection with children's dentistry. Our kid's dentist offer a fun and comfortable environment for your little ones to relax during their appointment.

It’s recommended that your child’s first checkup should be after their first teeth have erupted, or around the age of one. This first checkup is often short and allows us to examine your child’s mouth for any problems. At a subsequent appointment, we will performing a full appointment that not only includes a polishing but also discussion about healthier snacks and hygiene. If a problem is found , we will take care of them before they become serious. We will check for tooth misalignment and crowding and address these early on.

When time comes and patient ready to do it , we will carefully examine and clean your child's teeth and gums and may take X-rays to get a better look of their oral tissues. Topical fluoride may be applied to keep their teeth strong and protect their teeth from decay. We will also offer guidance on how you should be cleaning your child’s teeth at home.

To prepare your child for their visit, we recommend a happy visit to our office for a ride in the chair to get them acquainted with the office and staff. You can also read books about the dentist to them and talk about your own positive dental experiences to get them comfortable about their checkup.

If you’re looking for child-friendly dental practice in Richmond Hill with a friendly touch, check out Bamboo Dental.

A fun, professional and detail oriented service is what you can find once you bring your kids to Dr. Flor Malave.

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